4 Easy Tips on Presenting Your Home To Sell

1. First Impression Counts!When a buyer views your house the exterior of the property is the first glance they have of your home. Having over-grown lawns, weeds and overflowing bins will not get the buyers interested. Instead keeping the outside appearance of your home neat and tidy will change the look of your home and enhance buyers to notice that your house is loved and cared for.   2. Routine MaintenanceDoes your front door squeak when opening? Does the key get stuck when turning the lock? Front gate not functioning well? These may sound like minor details, but they will definitely not go un-noticed. Fixing these small details will enhance the presentation of your home.   3. Keep It CleanA buyer likes to have vision when buying. It is hard to do so with messy kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms, don’t forget to clean that unwanted pet fur laying around on the floor. Cleaning your home is a no-brainer! Add a fragrance so your home smells fresh and enticing for the ...

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Preparing Your Home For Lease

1. Choosing the Right AgencyIf it is your first time leasing your home or investment property, choosing the right agent for you is essential. Not only will they be able to set you up correctly from the very beginning, they’ll also be able to explain your rights and responsibilities as a landlord and handle all payments, entries and exits, inspections, maintenance request and fill vacancies. If you try to handle it alone, chances are mistakes will be made and it will cost you more in the long-term.Choosing the right agent that you feel will be the most capable for you. Your property management team should look after your property as if it is their own. 2. Preparation for PresentationThe first thing for your home to go up for lease is presentation, consisting of a thorough house clean. Here is a guide to help with preparation for your home. Cleaning guide lines;- Yard Free of all rubbish and personal items- Driveway free of leaves, dirt, tyre marks and oil stains- Lawns mowed, tre...

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