4 Easy Tips on Presenting Your Home To Sell

1. First Impression Counts!
When a buyer views your house the exterior of the property is the first glance they have of your home. Having over-grown lawns, weeds and overflowing bins will not get the buyers interested. Instead keeping the outside appearance of your home neat and tidy will change the look of your home and enhance buyers to notice that your house is loved and cared for.
2. Routine Maintenance
Does your front door squeak when opening? Does the key get stuck when turning the lock? Front gate not functioning well? These may sound like minor details, but they will definitely not go un-noticed. Fixing these small details will enhance the presentation of your home.
3. Keep It Clean
A buyer likes to have vision when buying. It is hard to do so with messy kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms, don’t forget to clean that unwanted pet fur laying around on the floor. Cleaning your home is a no-brainer! Add a fragrance so your home smells fresh and enticing for the buyer to enter.
Another cleaning tip is to de-clutter. After living in your home, you will accumulate a lot of stuff that you will find is not necessary for your move. Use the momentum of selling to motivate yourself to de-clutter. Anything you’re not ready to part with or use, place it in storage. If your wanting to sell items, utilise Facebook – Marketplace, Gumtree or eBay to rid your house of needless clutter. If you’re not internet savvy a garage sale will give you the same outcome. De-cluttering will also open up your home to be more spacious and adds a flow to your house plan, allowing buyers to generate ideas how they would like to vision your home as theirs, leaving a great impression in their minds for them to come back and potentially buy.
4. Finishing Touches
Styling your home with simple touches can change the look of your home. It doesn’t have to be anything dramatic, it can be as simple as adding a bit of colour in the accessories or adding a few pillows that you display to simply moving a lounge around to create more open spaces for the feel of the home. If your lost or unsure on how to create those last small finishing touches, Pinterest is a great app that gives you ideas on decorating/ styling your home or through businesses that specialise on interior designs like Eclectic Interior Designs, a local business can stage your home to appeal to buyers. Small details can add to the overall image of your home and create a positive atmosphere for your potential buyers.
5. Bonus Tip – Don’t just think about the daytime!
As the season’s change with day light savings. One great tip to keep in mind at night with potential buyers is to leave the outside lights on! As buyers drive home at night and pass your home they will look at your house. Leaving these lights on lets the buyers see your home in a new light and allowing them to see what the presentation of your home looks like at night.
Presenting your home in these five easy tips, will entice a purchaser to buy your home!
Happy Selling,
Bill Shepherd Real Estate