Lana Archer

Dear Mr Shepherd,

I want to take the time to acknowledge your property manager.

I've rented through a few real estates that have managers who don't care or don't respond to any issues, but constantly demand.

She is an asset to your company. She always responds to emails promptly, and always makes sure works get done to the house as needed.

She got dealt a shitty hand when we first moved in (good ol’ fence saga) and absolutely played it out and was always keeping us in the loop with the whole process.

Even now with all the covid stuff going on she still responds to emails, and even was able to get the electrician to fix the fans in my house. Which means alot more then it sounds.

I value amazing people, and do so in always making sure they get the credit they deserve.

Thank you for employing a property manager that is human, caring and prompt.

Lana Archer