Preparing Your Home For Lease

1.  Choosing the Right Agency
If it is your first time leasing your home or investment property, choosing the right agent for you is essential. Not only will they be able to set you up correctly from the very beginning, they’ll also be able to explain your rights and responsibilities as a landlord and handle all payments, entries and exits, inspections, maintenance request and fill vacancies. If you try to handle it alone, chances are mistakes will be made and it will cost you more in the long-term.
Choosing the right agent that you feel will be the most capable for you. Your property management team should look after your property as if it is their own.

2. Preparation for Presentation
The first thing for your home to go up for lease is presentation, consisting of a thorough house clean. Here is a guide to help with preparation for your home.
Cleaning guide lines;
- Yard Free of all rubbish and personal items
- Driveway free of leaves, dirt, tyre marks and oil stains
- Lawns mowed, tress / shrubs pruned, weeds removed
- House and garage free of cobwebs inside and out
- Garage empty and swept clean
- Window tracks, frames and glass clean (inside and out)
- Blinds, verticals and curtains clean, free of dust
- Fans, light fittings, A/C’s and smoke alarms clean
- All lights working throughout the property
- All walls, ceiling, switches and cupboards clean
- Laundry clean, sink free of rust and foreign material
- A professional carpet clean will give your tired carpets a fresh feel
- Patio’s and veranda’s swept and tidy
- Checking Security, making sure that windows, doors fully lock, fly screens in place and front gate functional and secure
- All personal items removed from inside the property
How you present your property for rent is how it must be returned after the tenancy. The Real Estate Agency has a legal obligation to return the property after a lease in the same condition as the beginning of the tenancy, subject to fair wear and tear.

3. Utilities at your Home
When getting for your property ready to lease it is good to check that you have 3 functioning bins (recyclables, general waste and green waste) for the tenants to use. Check your phone and internet connection is working well, for the potential tenants to use. It is important to check all appliances in the home like dishwashers, ovens and power points work. The more maintenance is fixed at the start the less problems you have to fix later.

4. Think About Pets
70% of Australians own pet. Please take this into consideration when leasing your home as potential tenants may have them. It is your final decision to say whether you allow pets or not on your property. If you think you might allow pets, check if your yard is pet friendly. Is your yard fully fenced? Consider the size of your yard for pets to move around in. Our Office has a very strict pet clause in place.

5. Take out Landlord Insurance
It is crucial to have Landlord protection, if tenants ever damage your property or not pay their rent, you could claim back on your insurance and protect yourself. Smoke alarms are COMPULSORY. Make sure they function as they SAVE LIVES! Annual services are to check alarms are still functioning. Check if your home involves strata fees, and conduct a pest control before the tenants move in.

6. Pools
If your home has a pool, make sure that you have a compliance certificate in order. Check to make sure your pool is child friendly. By this make sure a fence is surrounding the pool for safety reasons. Including safety pool signs.If you interested in putting your home up for lease or simply seeking advice.
Doing these 6 things will allow you to get ready for renting your home.
That's a wrap for now,
Bill Shepherd Real Estate