What Property Managers Look For In A Successful Tenancy Application

1. Employment & Wages:
- The first thing property managers look for in their potential tenants is a steady source of income with a very good employment history. This is done to ensure that tenants have available funds to pay their rent. Property Managers will conduct an assessment of income and affordability, these measures if the tenant can afford rent plus able to maintain living expenses. Tenants should aim to spend no more than 30% - 40% of their weekly income on rent.

2. Rental History:
- Having a rental history will highlight to the property manager that you are able to afford the rent and living expenses, plus demonstrating that you have been a good tenant in the past. If you don’t have a rental history, make sure you have an employment reference letter and to present yourself well when you communicate with the property manager.

3. Property Standard:
- Property Managers also like to look at the vacating property standard of your last rental home. This consists of the presentation of the home after you have left. This leaves an idea for the Property Manager to decide whether you are a great candidate for the property you are applying for by the way your last rental home was presented.

4. Animals:
- If you own a pet, make sure you state it in your application. Details you should add of your pet include the breed of the animal, council registration details, include a photo and the traits of your pet. These can be of advantage to help obtain the owner’s approval.

5. Reference Checks:
- When leaving references for your application make sure you ask them and let them know, that way they are prepared to expect a call. Make sure your references are not friends or family. Think about the reliability of your references, remember these references can help you become successful in an application so choose wisely who you pick. Good candidates for references include your past and current real estate agent and employers.

- Property managers will screen tenant applications for warning signs. Applicants will be screened through TICA, Australia’s Largest tenancy database. Please be aware – if you have ever missed paying rent or have had other rental discrepancies, this will be reported on TICA. This can lead to tenants who have had poor past rental history can find themselves being knocked back more often.
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